Welcome! What my blog is about.

Welcome! To set the tone for conversations yet to come, I wish to share something precious. Not too long ago I had a dream. In the dream I am shown that unbeknown to me, I really know how to weave. While I am still surprised by my long-dormant gift and skill, a giver of soul names—someone who knows the history of souls—approaches me. Feet widely apart, she plants herself in front of me and with dark eyes, she looks me boldly in the eye. Much more happens in the dream but for now, suffice it to say, it concludes when she tells me my names in past lives have always been simple. Therefore, based upon the history of my soul through many lifetimes, she sees who I had been in one of my past lives. And knowing its relevance to my current life, she announces, “Your name is Bone Marrow.”

Humanity has recently stepped over a momentous threshold, what I call The Time of the Great Choosing. This is a time when each one of us are shown by the choices we make just how substantial or fragile we are spiritually. And by extension, of course, also how stable or fragile our practical daily lives are. It is also evident that the time to place responsibility for meaning and our own well-being on leaders “out there” has come to an end. Based upon authentic gifts and talents, some yet to be unveiled, each one of us must become the unique leader of his or her own life and thereby contribute to making this planet a better place for all to live. Spiritual congruence and integrity are what cosmic time and the greater powers of our universe demand of us now.

That said, it is time for me to take the plunge by inviting you to join me in conversations that sprout and grow from the marrow of our spiritual bones. And may we remember always: Everything in the physical world we touch and see was first imagined and therefore existed first in the invisible spiritual web of life–the car you drive, the chair you sit on, the computer you are using right now, and last but by no means least, you.

So, let’s begin to talk about what you know and feel in the marrow of your spiritual bones. Let’s return therefore to what is essential to life visible and invisible. It’s time to remember once again why we’re here. It’s time to pick of the threads again from what is eternal and infinite. And it’s time to weave deep meaning, purpose, and beauty back again into what is here and now. Each one of you are here to live and express your unique purpose. More than ever before is it time to heed our callings and orientate our lives accordingly. Do you know what it might be? Consult the compass of the soul! And remember, what is essential is invisible.

With much love.


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